Shaun McLane


Shaun McLane

Early Career and Foundations in SEO:

  • Began SEO career in 2006, focusing on real estate and pool companies in Florida.
  • Developed expertise in website optimization and content strategy, laying a strong foundation in SEO principles.

Expanding Horizons in Florida:

  • Extended services to a wider range of realtors across Florida.
  • Engaged in panel discussions at conferences, sharing insights on blogging and SEO.
  • Recognized for effective strategies in driving online visibility and engagement.

Moving to Atlanta and Building Expertise:

  • Relocated to Atlanta in 2017, expanding my clientele to include both small and large businesses.
  • Adapted and refined SEO strategies to cater to the diverse and dynamic Atlanta market.
  • Notable success: Significantly boosted an Atlanta company's online presence, contributing to its acquisition by a larger firm.

Current Focus and Philosophy:

  • Committed to delivering personalized and results-driven SEO solutions.
  • Continually updating skills to stay abreast of the latest SEO trends and technologies.
  • Focused on helping Atlanta businesses achieve measurable success in the digital landscape.

Professional Certifications and Training:

Shaun McLane

Shaun McLane

CEO & Founder

Seasoned SEO specialist with a passion for driving business growth through tailored digital strategies. Deeply rooted in the Atlanta market, I bring a blend of local insight and industry expertise to every project.

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